Blast Notifications

Blast Notifications from RLMS allows your organization to quickly and efficiently broadcast mass communications to a predetermined user base. Messages can be sent via voice call or text.

  • Quickly broadcast messages to your entire consumer base

  • Remind customers payments are due

  • Fast setup

  • Increase customer touch points


Text and voice messages

Text and phone call messages allow your organization to develop relationships with your customers and communicate with them directly. You have the ability to blast hundreds or thousands of your customers with the same message, simultaneously.  Each personalized message can be created and distributed in minutes, saving critical time.

  • SMS and voice messaging

  • Fast, customized mass messaging options

  • Database integrated with Paystation®

The ability to reach your consumer base is tremendously important across many industries and sectors, both private and public. A few of the common scenarios in which organizations use Blast Notifications are: service outages, pending payments due, changes in service, account updates, events, and more.