Paystation® with Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

The 21st Century has changed the way information is accessed, shared, and distributed. Coupled with the rising cost of postage and the desire of many to receive bills electronically, it makes sense for companies to convert their AR process to an electronic format. We offer Paystation® with Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment, giving your customers the ability to login to a secure website to view and pay their bills.

Our customizable programming ensures that the digital representation of bills look identical to the paper bill consumers are accustomed to receiving, providing a seamless, comfortable transition for your customers.

With the click of a button, your customers can pay their bill using a custom-built, secure online payment portal.

  • Quick registration process
  • One-time, recurring, auto-debit, and future payments
  • Email notifications and payment confirmations
  • View account detail and summary, invoices, and transactions history
  • Payment profiles
  • Fast cash flow into your account
  • Optional Convenience Fees

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With Paystation® EBPP, your customers will log into a secure portal, see an online invoice, and make a payment.

                                     Paystation® Non-Logon

Paystation® Non-Logon

Paystation® Non-Logon is a quick and easy standalone product that allows consumers to make "one-time" or "anonymous" payments without registering or logging into a system.

  • One-time payments, no registration required
  • ACH, Debit, and Credit Cards
  • All major associations supported
  • Integration with your current systems
  • Optional Convenience Fees

Security and PCI Compliance

Built on leading edge web technologies and designed in house, Paystation® is reviewed in annual audits for compliance with the PCI audit. In Paystation®, payer and biller information is treated as confidential. In today's volatile world of security breaches, we maintain a strong commitment to security and the obligation to keep our customer data safe and secure.


There are several reports available for credit card and ACH payments, including a standard Paystation® report provided on a daily basis that shows daily transactions. A report of everything that was successfully processed online is provided.